2018 Registration

The cost for a 4 day course is £365 per skipper – this includes all training material and food. Boats are not included but can be arranged on request for an additional fee. Optimists: £65 Toppers: £95

DISCOUNTS are available for anyone returning in the same year, and for families with more than one child attending. Also a number of bursaries are available for families struggling financially.

  • Please send a separate form for each child*
  • When you hit ‘submit’ please ensure you see the confirmation message, if not it may be because you missed one or more required fields
  • The child for whom the registration form is being filled out will be referred on the form as ‘skipper’

*Save time if you are filling out more than one form:
If you are filling out forms for a number of sibling with the same contact details, any subsequent forms after the first can be done more quickly by writing ‘sibling + the sibling’s name’ in any fields that are exactly the same as the first form such as addresses and phone numbers. E.g. For the siblings Sophie and Alex, after filling out Sophie’s form in full, much of Alex’s form can be be abbreviated to ‘Sibling Sophie’ if the content of that particular section is the same as Sophie’s such as addresses and phone numbers etc. However, please do still provide your current email address individually on all forms as this is used in return correspondence automatically by the email client. Thanks.

This symbol * denotes a required field.

Skipper's full name including middle names*
Skipper's date of birth*
Skipper's Gender*
Does the skipper have a preferred nickname?
Do you want this nickname to be used on certificates?
Please select one or more courses*
Your name (parent) including title such as Mr, Mrs, Dr, etc*
E-mail: (please ensure correct spelling as this will be the return path for all correspondence)*
Phone number*
Skipper's Address including postcode*
Does the skipper require a hire boat? (additional fee of £65 for an Optimist or £95 for a Topper)*
Please select which class of boat. (Generally speaking Optimists are for under 14's and Toppers for under 17's, depending on height and weight.
If the skipper has their own boat or you are arranging to borrow one from a friend, please provide the sail number (the actual number as it appears on the sail)
If you own one or more Optimists / Toppers, would you be interested in hiring them out on another ICS course? We do not charge for organising this, you would receive the full hire boat fee of £65 for an Optimist or £95 for a Topper
Are you able to put up a child of similar age to your own? (There are often skippers who would like to attend but do not live close by)
Does your child require accommodation? If so we will put you in touch with another parent offering to put up a child of similar age to their own
What RYA or IOCA grades has the skipper achieved? If the answer is none, please write 'None'*
Please outline the skipper's sailing experience (none required)*
Is your child a member of a sailing club (not required)?
Would the skipper like to be placed in the same team as a friend on the course? If so please write their name(s) here. This is not subject to them being the same sailing level and will not affect the sailing groups
Please detail any relevant or important medical information relating to the skipper, including dietary requirements. If there are none please write 'NONE'*
Please tell us briefly how you heard about ICS
Please tell us which school this skipper goes to
Declaration: I have read the information on this website under the title 'Cost' and 'General Information' and to my knowledge the information provided here by me is correct and my child is medically fit to participate*
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