Join the Team 2018


Save time if you’ve been a member of the ICS Team before:

> If you’ve filled out a staff form in full in the last two years you don’t need to fill out the whole form again now (unless of course your details have changed), just fill in the mandatory fields (contacts, which courses you want to work etc), and remember, if I don’t have copies of your up to date qualifications and first aid, you will be considered to be unqualified, which will be reflected in your pay.

If you’re new to the ICS Team:

1) In addition to filling out this form, you must provide two written references, these should be emailed to Jae here:
2) You must attend a set up afternoon (the day before your first course) for a pre-course staff briefing. This is also a chance to meet some other team members, help with setting up, and to get oriented with the club and with ICS in general. Set up afternoons are from 5 – 8pm the day before each course

Phone numbers. Please provide two if possible.*
What role do you feel most suited to?
Which of the following RYA recognised qualifications do you have?
Any other RYA qualifications?
Please provide your RYA number. If you don't have one, please write 'NONE'
Please upload a scanned copy of your up-to-date certificates. You must include a valid first aid certificate (RYA certs are void without one)
Please give a summary of your sailing experience
Please give a summary of your instructing experience
Which courses do you want to work on?*
Any special dietary requirements or medical issues we should be aware of? If the answer is no, please write 'NONE'
Have you worked for ICS before?
Please provide the name and mobile phone number of the best person to contact in an emergency*
Have you received a copy of the ICS handbook and therefore read the operating procedures?
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